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Our vision for CALVARY CHAPEL CENTRAL FLORIDA stemmed from the founders Mark and Monica Harrison starting Armor of God their non-profit youth ministry over 20 yrs ago.  They opened up their home to the neighborhood kids.  They provided after-school care, homework help, tutoring provided snacks and drinks coupled that with gaming, sports, fun, and Jesus.  We believe the most crucial need for a child is letting them know they are loved, so love we gave.  We encouraged, corrected, and instilled biblical principles into their lives.  We always had rules like no cursing, no boyfriend-girlfriend drama, we only listened to Christian music, we always celebrated each of their birthdays and included them in Christmas.  We took them to church, watched movies with them, took them on vacations, ate and prayed with them as a family and you know what?  They all appreciated it.  Now, 15-20 years later we still have relationships with the majority of them.  So this ministry we started 2 decades ago, has blossomed into a wonderful family and youth ministry which lead us to launch the church where we can expand and grow this proven method of ministry to reach the lost, teach the lost, and empower them with the love of Jesus Christ making them the future disciples for all nations.

About Us

family and children, their values, bringing God into their lives, their homes and ultimately their hearts


Armor of God


A 501(C)(3) Non-Profit Charitable Organization